The truth about life and Culture from an Urban Perspective

Jerome Gay Jr. takes biblical truth and makes it relevant to life, culture, relationships and ministry in the urban context.

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  • RT  @pastoremase : Coming your way October 2nd everywhere to all trade and digital outlets! #wokechurch 21 hours ago
  • Join us today from 11a - 2p. Free school supplies, food, activities, music and more! @ Raleigh Boys Club 1 day ago
  • The album cover of Omarosa’s next mixtape! 😂 #igotyouontape 2 days ago
  • Jerome’s uncanny savvy to unearth the ancient depths of biblical text as well as nuance it for our day is genius. I’m so glad to have his voice that I have heard for almost a decade, that I have heard through his journey now written. Take this work and apply it to areas of your life where you are trusting God to redeem.

    Dr. Eric Mason
    Dr. Eric Mason Author / Pastor
  • Leaders are marked by brokenness. Brokenness is a permanent sense of God neediness and a Holy handicap that keeps you dependent upon God.

    Dr. Crawford Loritts
    Dr. Crawford Loritts Author / Pastor

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