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Today my wife and I celebrate being married for 11-years. I still remember when a friend of mine pointed her out to me at the student union at Saint Augustine’s University ( it was college back then). We ended up having a Psychology class together and that’s when I knew she was my wife and I pursued her. Now 13-years, 3 moves, 2 children, a business, and a growing church later I love this woman more than ever. I want to dedicate this blog to my wife, my friend, my angel, my rib, my girl. Let’s travel down memory lane:

1998 – we met in the student union and I couldn’t stop thinking about you

1999 – we started started hanging out together playing pool in the union (because I’m a gentleman I let you win)

2000 – I proposed to you in the cafeteria (you said “yes” and made me the happiest man alive)

2001 – we got married in Wilson, NC and went to the Poconos for honeymoon (we got lost driving up there, but eventually we made it)

2002 – we moved to our first townhouse together and began to talk about starting a family

2003 – we picked out lot, style and colors for our first house, it was an exciting time and I remember how excited you were

2004 – we find out that we were having a baby, you told me by leaving a pregnancy test on top of the little trash can in the bathroom, you’re so romantic, LOL

2005 – you gave birth to my princess Jamari Christina Gay and I grew even more respect and admiration seeing you give birth to our first child

2006 – this was a rough year for us, but we grew stronger and knew God was calling us to start a church, you prayed for me and encouraged me to follow God’s call because you knew it all along back in our college days

2007 – we started Vision International Church and our lives were never the same, you served on about every ministry because of you commitment to Christ and your support of me

2008 – we took our first trip to Florida and had a great time and have ton of memories

2009 – I began joining Acts 29 and grew as a man and husband, I saw just how much more I could listen, love, serve and encourage you

2010 – you lost your grandmother, but a few days later we found out that new life was coming because you were pregnant with our second child

2011 – you gave birth to our 8 lbs. 13 oz. boy Jerome Jordan Gay III and again your strength and endurance blew me away

2012 – this year isn’t over yet, but I’m glad that I’m still with you, let’s make history together baby…

Every year with you just gets better and my love for you will only grow. You’re special, beautiful, graceful, patient, caring, fun, lively, honest, sexy, fine, gorgeous, and I could honestly keep going. God showed me much grace and favor by brining you into ,y life and I love you. Happy 11th anniversary baby and I’m looking for many more together with YOU!

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