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Like many of you I was heartbroken and furious simultaneously as I saw and read what Adam Lanza did to 20 children and 6 adults. The idea that a person could shoot 20 children made me angry and it made me hug my children much tighter. When things like this happen there are gonna be two responses that are immediate and that linger:1) Question why, yet still believe in God and 2) Question God’s power and see this as a reason to doubt a god that would allow something as terrible as this to happen.As Christians we must wrestle with the reality that God did allow this to happen and for whatever reason He didn’t stop it and He could have. If I’m honest I’m frustrated and challenged, because I don’t know why He didn’t stop it, but at the level of faith I’m at I trust that this will come together one day, yet I realize for me that day will not come here on earth. This is something that should not make sense because it’s senseless, it’s evil, it’s terrible and it’s heartbreaking. I do not totally understand God’s sovereign will, but I trust it, that’s my only hope, that’s our worlds only hope. If you’re saddened and frustrated, you’re not alone, many Christians have questions right now and that’s OK. We shouldn’t run from questions nor should we EVER tell or imply that people should just “get over it” because we don’t have the answers. No answer will comfort these parent sand the bottom line is for many of us we’re going home to play and take pics of our children of put them on Facebook. There are at least 20 families that have gifts that they will not able able to give to their child, colorful bedrooms that will remain empty, pictures that will not continue, dreams that won’t be realized, tiara’s that won’t be worn again, football jerseys that no one will wear, no more opportunities to play catch, I could go on, but this breaks my heart. My point is we can’t make sense of it, but we can know the origin; Sin. Sin has destroyed God’s shalom (peace) and this as well as countless other events that came before this one and will come after are all result of sin. We can only eagerly await His return and know that one day this will be no more. I pray for everyone affected by this tragedy.I’ve learned to not to try to make sense of things I can’t control, I can only rest in the reality that one day I will see His face and he will make all things new and He will restore all things. So here’s what we’re left to do:

Pray – Matthew 6:9-13

Love – John 13:35

Comfort – Psalm 34:18

Serve – Matthew 20:28

Share the Gospel – 1 Peter 3:15


– Pastor Jerome Gay Jr.

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